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Aubrey's Story

Aubrey was born a beautiful healthy baby girl on March 15th 2014. She progressed just like any other baby until about 9 months when she hadn't begun to crawl. We were assured by Drs not to worry that some children skip crawling and go straight to walking. By her first birthday she still hadn't crawled or walked so we expressed our concerns again and were assured that all was ok "she was just a little delayed"

Aubrey started Physical Therapy and learned to crawl. Then at 18 months the 15-20 words Aubrey spoke with meaning disappeared. Some of Aubrey's other skills became less consistent and we knew something was wrong.

After months of therapies, specialists, tests, and hospital stays we were finally given an answer. On May 10th 2016 Aubrey was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome.

So we have decided to pick ourselves up by the bootstraps and take action. We now know we are not alone. From what we can gather from our research is that there is no cure BUT they are close. Since this is such a rare condition, there isn't a whole lot of funding. The best way to help the cause is to create awareness and raise as much money as we can to fund research. We want to act fast and start getting people involved. We will take action and kick Rett's butt!

Please share this story and the stories of all the other families affected by this condition.

Help us to get our daughters back.

Help them laugh, walk, and talk again.

Help be their voice.

Thank you all,

Thank you Aubrey for being our daughter. You are truly Amazing.