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Laura's Story

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Laura was born in May 2005. She’s our little “chupper-chu” or “bun” as daddy prefers. She is quite content to do whatever everyone else is doing; and was this way from the beginning so we never suspected anything.

Laura was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome in March of 2007, at around 2.5 years of age. She didn’t progress much but could push up on her hands, hold her head up, and sit up, but has consistently had low muscle tone and does not crawl or walk without assistance and enticements. She also has never developed spoken words. She’s able to manipulate some things (has actually started to pick up toys with two hands) and can feed herself as long as it is with the left hand.

She's currently attending Sunrise Drive Elementary, Tucson, AZ. Therapies are keeping Laura strong, she still walks with assistance and will tolerate being in a four-point stance on a pilates ball and/or floor. We are working with PEC pictures and eye gaze for making choices and conversing.

Laura attends summer camp at Gaitway of Tucson participating in Conductive Education classes. These classes work on motor skills and development, teaching the muscles step-by-step. It has been an awesome program for her and has helped her keep her skills up during the summer months.

Laura and her mom and dad would like to thank all of the CFHS Student Council and the CFHS Band/Steel students and parents for their continued love and support.