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Victoria's Story

Victoria has taught many to be grateful for so much.We have faced a few scares,through them not only have we become stronger,She became stronger.She lightens up a room with her smile,and can set you off in a belly laugh with one of hers.Victoria loves Elmo,Spongebob,Cinderella,Mickey & the gang,August 2009,Make-A-Wish granted her a Disney Cruise,I will never forget the look on her face when she came face to face with Goofy when we were wheeling her back to our stateroom! Aside from that,it really is the small things that make her light up,snuggling on the couch with daddy and I,listening to her favorite music with her big sister {I would tell you her favorite bands,but I believe I would run out of room..she loves Bob Marley's Three Little Birds,That is her favorite!}. She loves the outdoors,especially being near the ocean.Tori loves school,seeing her classmates at lunch,going on her swing on the playground,her favorite part is music and being involved with her classmates during concerts and plays.We have a number of nicknames for our Angel,Angel face being one.:). There is a lot of unconditional love in our family,which keeps her and all of us strong through the times that are trying.