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Victoria's Story

Victoria is the youngest of four children and just celebrated her 14th birthday, October 27th, 2016. She lives with with 2 sisters, Danielle and Angela, and her brother, Ryan lives in Pittsburgh's South Side. Victoria attends an Approved Private School where she receives her therapies as well as a life skills curriculum from some amazing teachers and therapists.
Victoria was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome at 15 months and has always been such a sweet, loving child. We, her family, adore her and want the world to see her beauty inside and out. Our hope is that through this website, family and friends may want to get to know her better, for she is truly the essence of love, patience, and a kind heart. If I know anything at all, it is the fact, that those who do take the time to know her are blessed by doing so. Don't let the fact that she can't speak with words take away all that her eyes do.