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Violet's Story

Violet was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome on May 12, 2016 after 18 months of testing. She is severely apraxic, has very little use of her hands, and is completely non-verbal. She's also a very joyful girl with a heart of gold and a beautiful smile!

Our precious daughter endures hours of therapy every week and continues to blow me away with her strength and determination! She is currently learning to use a Tobii communication device. Her big brother is her favorite person. She loves books, music, and giving kisses.

Please consider supporting Violet and Girl Power 2 Cure. We sincerely appreciate your support, encouragement, and your prayers.

If you are mentioning Violet in a social media post (and we hope you will) please use the hashtag #violetsvoice so we can find your post. Awareness leads to funding which we hope leads to a cure!